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A Philosophic Journey – Unlocking Modern Enlightenment

Well, I suppose this is long overdue for me. I started journaling when I was in seventh grade (~25 years ago) and I’ve been studying philosophy, both in college and independently, for nearly 20 years. The combination of these two elements, a love of writing and a love of philosophy, are at the core of why I wanted to enter the world of blogging. To share my passion with others. A passion to integrate philosophic thoughts, ideas, and lessons into our everyday lives.

However, taking this step has not always been so clear.

As an individual living in the modern day United States, flourishing in my career has been the primary focus of my life and overall mindset. With this limited perspective, I poured all of my heart into achieving according to society’s standards, by going to the best school for college and getting the best job I could in terms of career (the image of the marching hammers in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is what I envision).

Struggles & Failures, Tenacity & Perseverance

It was not a smooth path for me either. I got kicked out of college, went to community college, got into a good university, and finally graduated. Then, after graduating (from a supposedly “good” university), I bounced around between several different jobs (sales, security, EMT, firefighter, and teacher) before ultimately ending up in the field of accounting, where I have been working for the last 10 years.

It’s no wonder I’ve been an accountant for so long. It’s the only ship that I’ve been able to sail for any real (what is real anyway?) duration of time (and what exactly should be meant by time?).

Sheer tenacity enabled me to persevere through my second stint in college. And even though I did graduate, my greatest success during this time turned out to be successfully courting my wife. I am grateful everyday for having her love and support as well as her strength and wisdom in my life. Together we now have two super dope little children that I love with every atom of my existence:) (if I really do exist). They are my raison d’etre.

And unlike most philosophers of the past, my goal is to be both a self-sufficient philosopher and a family-oriented man (the odds seem overwhelming, hahaha).

Striving For Wisdom

My vision, for the continued cultivation of myself and this blog, is that by striving for wisdom (whether in life, career, family, etc.), we can enhance our perspectives and gain a better understanding of ourselves, the world we navigate, and the people we share it with. My aim is to then take any wisdom I gain and fuse it into a practical and efficient form of philosophy, thus improving the quality of our philosophic journey.

Perhaps this wisdom can act as an aid to those of us struggling to make impactful decisions during these current times. With the realization that even if we do achieve our goals, there can still be unforeseen ramifications.

Courage to Take New Paths

As an agnostic of both religion and science, and an individual that appreciates pain, failure, success, and striving for some form of happiness… it seems to me that we do have a role to play in determining our futures, and that there are an infinite number of ways we can get stuck in our decision making thought processes. Yet, we still need to take a leap of faith at some point… to try to, at least pragmatically if nothing else, adapt and have the courage to take new paths forward in life, in spite of all the potential unforeseen ramifications.

Given this, I am on a personal philosophic journey with a mindset that has transitioned from career fulfillment to life fulfillment. Further, I vow to maintain an open mind and to suspend judgment while engaging in this pursuit. I’m eager to see where this path will take me and I’m excited for you to join me!

Unlocking Enlightenment

Ultimately I am searching for a set of keys that will unlock my own enlightenment of which I expect to find an infinite number of doors, challenges, and obstacles along the way. I know this will be an arduous path, yet, I feel rejuvenated within my soul (if we do indeed have souls) to just be alive and to be able to embark on this ceaseless journey until my final days on this amazing planet we call Earth!

Thank you for joining me on this philosophic journey!

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