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Phase I – Ancient Greek Contextual Overview

Let’s start with some context:)

Enlightenment – Deducing What is Good – Scientific Awakenings

Aristotle Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) was born in an area within Macedonia called Stagira, outside of Athens. His family was fairly affluent and intimately connected with Macedonian royalty as Aristotle’s father is said to have been the physician of Philip the Great’s father. The scientific knowledge and influence of his father would prove to resonate within all of Aristotle’s… Read More »Enlightenment – Deducing What is Good – Scientific Awakenings

Enlightenment – Cultural Binaries & Philosophical Underpinnings

Finally! Yes!! Let’s dive right into the amazing world of philosophy:)  With the context of the Golden Age in Greek antiquity now in our minds, we can begin to examine some of the earliest definitions of what human culture is and what it consists of through the philosophical ideas of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. To very briefly preface this, we… Read More »Enlightenment – Cultural Binaries & Philosophical Underpinnings

Enlightenment – Cultural Binaries & Contextual Origins

What’s up! I’m excited for this series on binaries, starting with cultural binaries and contextual origins. Let us continue on our dailyphilosophic journey toward unlocking modern enlightenment:) Our bread and butter is reading historical source texts, primarily in philosophy and religion, but in many other fields as well. This is without question the numero uno priority… yet we must also strive… Read More »Enlightenment – Cultural Binaries & Contextual Origins